Start off with a competitive advantage.

Here's a list of advantages that we bring to the table.



Every location has strengths and weaknesses that need to be highlighted and worked around. We take the time to truly understand the property and environment where a course is being built. After working in many different parts of the country we have developed an approach that will maximize both utilization and protection of the natural environment while allowing for efficient operations and providing a unique experience. Because we also have operational experience, we don’t just merely build a functional tour – we create a course that will run smoothly and efficiently with specific considerations to transportation, time, maximizing customers, efficient staffing, automated photos, etc.


Whether you are in the trees or surrounded by them, the natural environment is constantly changing. We are the industry leaders in sustainable design and construction and will make your investment long-lasting and worthwhile. We build to fit with the natural, historical, and cultural environment which guarantees a customized course that doesn’t exist anywhere else. We are confident in our ability to build unique structures and various different activities into the overall experience. If you can dream it, we can build it.

CLIMB Works, Gatlinburg, TN. Click to enlarge.

Excavation/Land Clearing/Grading

While we try to minimize this due to the invasiveness to the natural environment, they are sometimes inevitable. We have slowly been acquiring our own heavy equipment and training a few employees to properly use them to enable us to maintain the safest road conditions possible. You will not need to hire any third parties to clear the road from the base to the summit, build parking areas, clear land, etc.


Mountain Biking

We are very proud of our new green flow mountain bike trail that we built literally beneath our canopy tour in Gatlinburg, TN. As a result, we are now an officially licensed dealer of Trek Bikes. We feel this is a perfect compliment to zip lining as it is minimally invasive and utilizes the unused land that supports the zip line tour. If you are interested, we are confident that we can extend our knowledge base to you and help you build a world class mountain bike trail as a second phase.


Trail Building

Being able to access all parts of your operation is vital especially during any emergency situation. As part of this emergency this plan we require that every platform have emergency descending equipment and a trail system from the base of the platform back to home base. This is where our trail building began. We now provide all varieties of trail building. We build hiking, walking, equestrian, ATV, mountain bike, and any other type of trail you think would be a good fit for your location.



We have developed a proven training program specifically designed to prepare a team to successfully operate a zipline course. This program is intended to reproduce an operation modeled after our location in Gatlinburg, TN while allowing for some tailoring along the way. Training is provided for both Safety and Operations. Safety training includes any training actually on the course, while Operational Training provides managers and staff the know-how on running an efficient operation.

Gear & Equipment

Deciding what type and how much equipment to purchase can be a daunting task for new zipline operators. Because of our operational and constructional experience, we can help you know what equipment is necessary and how much you’ll need. We have also built great relationships with vendors over the years, so you’ll save lots by having us purchase all the equipment you’ll need ranging from harnesses, ropes, trolleys, helmets, Polaris Rangers, and everything in between.


The Ultimate Zipline Braking & Retrieval System. Click to enlarge.

ZIPKEA is a self-contained and self-regulated zip line brake and retrieval system. One of the greatest challenges for operating a safe zip line is regulating the speed of the participants. ZIPKEA uses a patented technology we call a Kinetic Energy Absorber (KEA). It absorbs the energy produced by the zip line rider and reuses it to bring the participant to a comfortable landing speed.  If the participants are coming in too slow, ZIPKEA also has a built-in retrieval system that captures the zip line participants that come up short of the landing platform.

ZIPKEA significantly increases safety, makes guides’ and customers’ experience more enjoyable, and is an extremely valuable economic tool. Using ZIPKEA allows you to safely operate night time zipline tours or in any environment without light. You’ll be able to extend your daily operations several hours and capture revenues that previously went untouched. ZIPKEA has also made each tour more efficient and timely by cutting out unnecessary retrievals.


After the zipline tour has been designed and constructed, continuous inspections are essential to ensuring the safety and integrity of the course. We will provide major annual and bi-annual inspections and train your staff how to perform a daily morning inspection. We also include in our construction small tension triggers that are virtually unnoticeable but indicate a potential problem when activated, catching potential problems before they happen.


Maintenance occurs in two fashions. First, we provide standard ongoing scheduled maintenance to prevent any potential safety concerns that may arise. Second, if inspections identify any changes in the course that need to be addressed immediately then we will perform the necessary maintenance.



The most important ingredient in providing your customers with an unforgettable experience is your staff. Our proven hiring techniques will make your operation stand out from not only the competition, but from every other company. We’ll help you find the right people or send some experienced staff of our own your way for temporary help. People will walk into your operation and say there is something different about this place, and that begins with who you hire.

Operations Manuals

We have taken the time to put all of our operations down in writing so that we can provide them to you. This comprehensive manual provides a reference for everything you’ll need to know, including: safety training, daily operations, job lists and descriptions, hiring practices, office operations, budget and projections, company policies, inspection policies, etc. Starting from the top down we have every positions job description, function, and responsibilities clearly outlined. It also includes advice on things we have learned about that position. This will allow for an excellent reference during and after the training we provide.

Reservation & Management Software

Because we were unhappy with other administrative softwares in the market, we created our own. Our administrative software, Singenuity, is designed to elevate the experience of the customer as well as the employees using it. The software suite provides many functions and benefits, including: Intuitive and organized reservation system, priority booking, built-in social integration, advanced marketing tools, automated photo system with merchandising and marketing components, merchandising and inventorying, paperless waiver and check-in, real-time schedule display, and employee management capabilities including scheduling, safety training, clock in/out time sheets, payroll summaries, powerful reporting and growth/profit monitoring system.


Reservation screen in Singenuity. Click to enlarge.

Automate Photo System

When your zipline tour is properly designed, constructed, and operated people will finish the tour feeling like they have grown as an individual in many ways. Photos give people a way to relive and share their experience. 

We have developed our own fully automated photo system that is incorporated into our software system. When people arrive at the base of the tour, the photos are displayed from their tour and they can chose from several packages and pay at that time. The photos are then either emailed to them or printed by a 3rd party and shipped to them so they arrive at their homes in perfect condition. We have seen great success with this system that provides a boost in revenues without dealing with printers and paper.

Legal Advice

If you are brand new business, keeping up with all the federal employment laws and standards can be overwhelming. Not only can we give you advice, but we can provide handbooks, manuals, written policies and forms in order to give you more time to spend on what should be your focus: growing your business.

Ongoing Consultation

We are always just a phone call away to answer any questions.